Spend vs Save

aka, SVS on S+S.  <-- too much?  anyways... everyone has this dilemma right?!  

Which key items/services should you splurge on for designer/high quality/any other reason, and which should you save on and find the "generic" version??  

I'd like to start this post out by saying that these are just my opinion for my own personal style haha, so feel free to disagree - I'd actually love to hear your list!


  • Spray Tan: OK I get that this isn't a normal "shopping item", but I have very sensitive skin that I have to protect from the sun, so if I need to look tan, its spray all the way.  I've tried them ALL - spa professional spray, tanning salon spray machine, and every at home tanner you can imagine.  I have come to the conclusion that St Tropez foam is longer lasting, a better color, and much easier to apply since you can do it right at home!  (You might just need a buddy to do your back haha) get it here.
  • Sunglasses: This one is sort of a trick :)  I do love designer sunglasses, and I believe they truly have higher quality standards, but I almost NEVER pay full price for them.  The key for me is in looking for deals.  Rue La La, Nordstrom Rack, and HauteLook are all awesome resources for discounted eyewear, and you can also check designer consignment like Luxury Garage Sale for gently used designer pairs.  ALSO - DID YOU GUYS KNOW that TJMaxx is online?!  I always thought you could only shop there in store but this discovery could be life changing.  Someone needs to get this pair before I buy them for myself :) You can pay half or even less of the retail price!  Done!




  • Leather Jackets: A leather jacket is ALWAYS in style, and good leather lasts forever.  Naturally, this is an item that you can invest in, as it can be styled with almost anything and you won't get sick of it!  Some of my favorites are this one (with a removable hood), this one which looks a little dressier, or this classic biker jacket.
  • Skincare: Although I'm saving on my fake tan, I definitely invest in skincare.  Now this one might be up for interpretation because although I put it in the "spend" column, I don't mean buying $5oo eye cream - I don't have that luxury!  But there's a few reasons why I will get the expensive brand vs drug store for skincare.  First of all, if I know it was expensive, I use it more cautiously, and am more diligent in my routine. That may just be a flaw of mine but its my strange logic.  Also, I find there are many more choices if you are willing to spend a little more, and choose based off of your specific need, like dry skin, oily, sensitive, etc.  My skin is both dry and sensitive, and I love this oil for my face, and this under-eye cream.  The price may be high, but a little goes a long way!  Also love dr brandt products but I don't currently have them in my routine.  



K I am off to find more sales for y'all but I will be back with more spend v save!  Have a great week!


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