My Sappy Post About Getting Older

Sorry guys but I turn 30 tomorrow and i felt compelled to write about it here, at the very least to have this to look back on some day!

I feel like my 40/50/whatever year old self will probably look at this post (if it even still exists) and say “wow you were so young and dumb” but I feel, in my last day as a 20-something, I need to write about this past decade!

10 years ago, when I was turning 20, in 2007 (whoa I can’t even believe that…) I was a sophomore in college.  I was at Ohio State and I can’t remember right now what I was doing for my birthday, but I’m sure I was with my sister Jamie and best friend Stacey, and all my Kappa sisters.  I had recently stopped dating my high school boyfriend Adam, so I was single, spending my time with friends, studying and working… I was working at a jean boutique then and I hated that job haha.  But I remember my sophomore year being one of my favorites in college.  I knew it then and I remember talking about it with my friends Alison and Chelsea, but we were just in a bubble in college.  News was on, events were happening, politics were being debated, and we were just in Columbus, happy go lucky, with our biggest worry being the next final, or getting “bikini ready” for spring break, or spring bread as some of us called it (sorry, inside joke but I had to).  I was just waiting until I would be old enough to drink legally, and trying to make enough money to buy an outfit to wear on my birthday.  That spring we went to Panama City Beach for Spring Break and some of my most hilarious college memories are from that trip, and that year with my best friends.

Since then, I graduated college.  I moved to Italy and became an Au Pair for a family I had never met.  I moved back to Ohio, then to Chicago, then back to Ohio, then BACK to Chicago, then to Dallas, then BACK to Chicago AGAIN, and here I am.  I met my husband.  I married my husband!  I got my first “real job” and I have gained so much from working at my current company.  I became a cat mom to Phoebe who I am obviously obsessed with (I was always a crazy cat lady).  I made new friends and lost touch with people who I thought I would know forever.  I lost a grandparent and my ex-boyfriend from highschool in heartbreaking ways.  The world went on.  Laws changed, presidents were elected, terrible acts of terrorism were committed.  I visited Italy, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, England, the Bahamas, France, Mexico, Costa Rica and a good amount of the states.  After living in 7 different apartments, 6 in just Chicago, my husband and I bought a house.  I probably dyed my hair dark then blonde and back again dozens of times.  I became an aunt to the most amazing little boy.  Ohio State won the National Championship.  I’ve seen some of my best friends marry their soulmates and start families.  I started this blog!  I’m sure I am forgetting things but just looking at these past few sentences is making me emotional. (I also have probably cried about 7,000 times since I turned 20 – I am a big cryer haha)

Now on the verge of turning 30, I feel… somewhat the same, and of course very different.  I’ve been married for a little over 2 years and am so happily in love with my husband Jared.  We are so blessed to have family and friends surrounding us, and we are looking forward to creating a family of our own as well.  I meant to have a big blow out trip to Vegas or something this year before I turned 30, but I have realized that my priorities are very different now.  I enjoy our nights at home and early mornings at the gym or soul cycle, and working on this blog.  Maybe no one is ever going to read this but I love to write, share thoughts and perspectives, work on creating content, even if just for myself.  I still love watching the Buckeyes and don’t get me wrong I still want to go back to Vegas haha :) ! Overall I am happy, and I feel so lucky to have the relationships in my life that I have, and the opportunities that I have been given.  Maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis a couple years late but I cant help but think I am entering a new chapter, and I cant wait to see what it holds.  I cant make any promises to myself just yet, but my goal is to always live as the age that I feel - and keep feeling young!

Now for some humor...

Me at 20...


If you've made it this far then thank you for reading and please share any thoughts or comments below.  Have a great weekend!