New York is always a good idea

I'm super lucky that I get to travel to some pretty cool places for work, and sometimes I stay a couple extra days if its one of my favorite cities...


My sister met me for the weekend and we stayed in SoHo, which is such a cool part of the city.  Although it rained a ton, we spent the weekend enjoying great food, catching up with friends and of course - shopping.  We found some awesome sample sales using this website!

This might surprise you (or if you know me well, it won't surprise you at all), but I am obsessed with ice cream, and Milk Bar might actually be my #1 now.  The ice cream is cereal milk flavored!!!!  I still can't get over it.  This is a must visit if you get to NYC anytime soon! Or if you can't, order some online :P

Thanks for reading!