You've probably never heard of...#1

New Blog Series!!

Hi everyone!  I am starting a new series to showcase places + retailers/shops that I have discovered but might not be well known.  I'm not getting paid to advertise these (although I wish I was), but I get excited to share things like this with people so here we go!

You've probably never heard of... Mark + Graham

This retailer is great for accessories and gifts, and in particular for personalized items.  I love that you can add a personal touch to classic pieces and still not break the bank.  I recently purchased the Brooklyn Buckle Bag and the cute little cosmetic case featured with it, in tan.  I added my own tassel key chain for a little more character, but this bag is amazing.  It has tons of pockets, can be handle carried or cross-body, and it goes with everything.  It's also nice that it is classic and doesn't scream a label when you look at it.  Just great quality, and that's no surprise, as they are a company owned by Williams-Sonoma along with Pottery Barn, West Elm + more.


I've posted below some images of the bag I have, as well as things I [need] want!  All you have to do is click the image below and it will take you right to the page to shop.  The Commute Clutch is perfect for crazy-organizing-loving people like me.  You know who you are - your favorite place to shop is the Container Store, you have a place for everything... anyways this little thing is so functional for work in that it has pockets for cards, money, your phone etc - but its cute enough to take with you after your long day to happy hour!  The loose ends travel organizer looks perfect to store receipts/coupons and also write stuff down on the go - because am I the only one who still needs to have physical to-do lists?!  As much as I try I just cant rely on my iPhone's notes page.  (Plus the image shown is my exact initials so...I think its a sign) ;)  

It would also be worth checking out their website because for the 4th of July they are having a sale on sale items - 35% extra off sale prices!  Just use code: EXTRA35 when you check out.  Happy Shopping!