You've probably never heard of... #2

altar'd state

Am I the last one to this party or is it really a hidden gem?!  I visited an altar'd state store last week in Virginia, not even knowing the store's mission to also give back - which makes even a better reason to shop there :)  

This store is like a combination of Anthropolgie and forever 21.  Really trendy designs that are boho-centric with tons of florals and ruffles - but at a much cheaper price.  You've got to do some digging, but along with the clothes they have a great selection of gifts and more importantly - an entire section with cat-related items.


The dress above is super cute and I'm a flattering shape - plus it was less than $30, and like most dresses I wear - it looks great with a cute pair of sneaks!  Lucky for you there is a big sale going on right now, so check it out.  Another thing that I loved there was their candle selection - voluspa and blue capri are the best gifts and sooo addicting.  

My other purchase may not be as widely received but - this is my blog and if you don't like it don't read it.  Or read it and just don't buy cat things, whatever.  I am obsessed with this hat and plan to wear it on every occasion possible.  meow.



cat hat