5 faves: travel essentials

Packing can be a b*tch...

So... I travel almost every week for work and packing (and unpacking) are definitely one of my least favorite tasks.  You don't want to forget anything but you also want to pack light.  You want to look great but only bring 1 bag... you don't know what the weather is like - I could go on and on but I will spare you all!  So today I and sharing 5 things that are ALWAYS in my travel bag and help me to stay organized and remember the essentials.  


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1. Jewelry Organizer by Boulevard

This little bag is an accessory girl's best friend.  I have one myself, and I love to gift them as well - these bags are so well made with leather, personalization, tons of pockets (that you can also take out) and spots for earrings and rings.  Plus its soft sided which is extremely helpful when trying to pack all you can into a bag.

2. Packable workout clothes

I can't say enough about nike free fly knit shoes.  There are so many advantages for this shoe when you travel.  You don't have to wear socks (I literally wash the entire shoe in the washing machine), they are extremely flexible and can squish to pack, plus they're SO comfortable and great to wear for running around town too.

I also live in Lululemon's "all the right places" pant/crop.  I think I have at least 5 pairs of these leggings because they are the best!  They have perfect pockets for your keys, phone, credit card etc, they are comfy and high waisted, and they just shape you so well.  I usually bring my pair of black crops because I can wear them with a sweater too if I have to go somewhere and don't want to look like I just went to the gym, even if I did.

3. Healthy Snacks (seriously)

This might seem like a dumb thing to pack, or even write about, but when you are trying to eat healthy, it is REALLY HARD on the road.  I always pack some of my favorite healthy snacks in case of an airport layover, flight delay, long night in a hotel, etc.  My favorites right now are trail mix, RXbars, Questbars + dried fruit - Barnanas and Dang Coconut Chips are my current faves :) 


4. Electronics Organizer

OK maybe I am a little obsessed with organization, but this is one of my favorite things that I travel with because we all know how easy it is to forget a cord, charger, device etc. I've posted a few below but I use the one on the left - its from Nordstrom and less than $25!  For me it is just the right size but still has enough pockets to keep cords and headphones separate.

5. Creature Comforts

I love to try to make travel seem as close to being home as possible.  I like to bring some of my favorite toiletries like face masks and manicure kits to "pamper" myself on the road.  Air fresheners and travel candles also make a huge difference in a hotel.  I'm a book worm and packing a ton of books isn't practical so I use my iPad for reading - below is an actual screenshot from my library and most recent reads - let me know if you have any other recommendations though!  I also bring my own pillowcase but I realize that may be taking it too far for some people, haha!

Hope this helps you all on your next trip!