Convento di Amalfi Hotel Review

Buongiorno friends!

This took WAY too long for me to write, but I am seriously passionate about this hotel so I want to share all the details of this amazing place.  It is perfect for a vacation, honeymoon, anniversary or even a wedding - we've seen one each time we've stayed there!

Here's what we love about this place:

  • Views: breathtaking.  seriously, I cannot say enough about the views.  we would wake up every day, and not even believe it was real.  the weather was PERFECT, the water is the bluest i have ever seen, and the coast just never gets old.
  • Service: this place truly knows how to do hospitality.  it was only our second time at the hotel and when they found out we were celebrating our anniversary, they upgraded all 3 of our rooms, mine and jared's to a suite which was completely unnecessary and just the cherry on top!  every morning you're greeted at breakfast by smiling faces, and the concierge in the lobby is more than helpful when you have questions on transportation, restaurants, the city in general, or even how to say something in italian.  they are all wonderful.
  • Breakfast: ok if you go here, you have to get the breakfast package with your room.  first of all the food is amazing, second of all  they have fresh squeezed juices and a juicer if you have a different preference, and lastly - free prosecco.  need i say more?  ok i will - fresh fruit, yogurt, omelettes, the most amazing donuts and pastries, salad (who eats salad for breakfast?  me - when i have pasta for all of my other meals), and bruschetta.  oh plus you eat all this on the amazing patio overlooking the shoreline and coast.
  • The Restaurant: similar to breakfast, the food is outstanding!  same amazing views, incredible service, and an amazing wine selection.  they also have live music - it doesn't get much better.
  • Arrival: ok this is kind of the same as the "service" but i just need to explain it to you.  you arrive, are greeted immediately by the valet who takes your suitcases and welcomes you, and guides you to the elevator.  the elevator is small and dark and reminds you of one of those rides when you're at an indoor theme park - it feels like you're going up the inside of a mountain...and well thats because you are.  so then you arrive to the first lobby, and can either take the beautiful steps or another elevator, where you are then greeted by the concierge staff.  before you can say a word, they guide you to the terrace and have freshly poured prosecco, chips and other snacks.  plus there is something about those chips... lemon with pepper? sounds weird but seriously perfect.  they also have some amazing candy covered almonds which are always out and i'm seriously addicted to them.
  • Location: other than the views, the location is perfect because you can walk to the ferry station (legit we did this with All our bags), or straight to the town of amalfi.  there are charming shops, restaurants, tons of gelato - exactly what you would expect.  and it's just so perfect to be able to get there in 10 minutes on a beautiful, although steep walk.  once inside the town, its so much fun to walk  around looking for hidden streets and staircases, which inevitably lead to the cutest and most delicious family owned restaurants.  you can also hop on a ferry, and in less than an hour, be in positano, minori, or for a little longer - capri.  also want to share our restaurant favorites... da gemma is amazing and actually recommended by the locals.  there is a michelin starred restaurant right in amalfi called la caravella.  jared and i went there on our honeymoon and we decided not to go again.  the wine list was as big (or bigger) than a bible, and we didn't love the food or the atmosphere, so we opted to try a new place.  we took a cab to ravello for our anniversary dinner, and it was such a great choice.  the views were different, but still amazing, i mean - i seriously had a tear in my eye.  we ate at rossellini in the belmond hotel.  we ate at the more "casual" restaurant, although their other was michelin rated - and we were so glad we did.  the views, service and food were some of the best we have ever had, and it was truly a special night.
  • Rooms: i already told you about getting upgraded, but even the smallest of rooms are beautiful.  all white, views of the water, everything.  this hotel used to be a monastery and they still have a "monks walk" and ancient chapel - it is just so beautiful.
  • Pool: same incredible views and service.  in the morning its such an amazing place to relax with a cappuccino, or to go back to after a day of exploring and get a glass of prosecco.
  • Prosecco: it is amazing!!!!! the same prosecco from breakfast and when they greet you is served at pretty much any time of the day at convento di amalfi.  bonus - its freaking amazing.  double bonus - its only 30 euro a bottle.  consequently, we drank it like water. 

if you've made it this far into this post you must be committed (or planning your own italian vacation).  i can't say enough about this country, city, or the nhcollection hotel group, it just truly never disappoints.  if the pictures below aren't enough to convince you, i encourage you to read other reviews - or leave a comment/message me for any other questions.  enjoy!!!