Is that what we call the time between Summer and Fall when the weather is just made for long sleeves and shorts?!  I'll go with that.  I love fummer for so many reasons.  First of all, the weather - its fun to start wearing sweaters again but warm enough to still eat outside YAS.  Also, football season is about to start so I feel like the anticipation of football + the days still being long just makes everyone happy!  Yesterday my husband and I had some family over and picked up a few pizzas from our new favorite spot - Craft Pizza in Wicker Park.  It is awesomeeeeee.  The pizza is amazing and the spot is super cute, and they have something called cesar dressing that you get with the pizza... but it tastes more like a sriracha ranch and is amazing.  I wore my favorite striped tee which is from LF (you need to go during their big sales), shorts from afends that I got in Australia last year, and these Louise Et Cie metallic loafers.