Sunday Beauty Review - Olaplex

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I am by no means a beauty expert, and will never claim to be... but I am addicted to trying new products and love to share when I find one thats great.  SO - I'm starting a new series, Sunday Beauty Review.  Hope you enjoy!



What is Olaplex you ask?  I had absolutely no idea about this product until a recent hair stylist suggested it.  I constantly worry about damaging my hair.  I've tried deep conditioners, less washing, less heat, no tight ponytails... everything.  But since I regularly get my hair lightened, there's always exposure to damage.  So one day when I told my stylist I was going to "go dark for a while" to stop the damage, she suggested this, and I haven't stopped using it since!  

So the "secret" in this product is science.  it was created by 2 chemists, and is free of silicones and oils, but has the ability to link the broken bonds in your hair.  Its a 3-step system to be used before, during and after any chemical color treatments.  You get 2 of the steps in the salon while you are getting your color treatment, either to repair damage, or prevent it.  No. 3 is the at home version, that you put on wet hair for at least 10 minutes before rinsing out.  

When I took this product home, I did a little "social research" to see how people used it.  Although 10 minutes is the direction, a lot of people said to leave it on longer, so I've done a few hours, with my hair in a shower cap or just a bun, and even slept with it in to shower out in the morning.  It doesn't feel like a "leave in mask", in that its not extremely thick or viscous.  It doesn't lather like a shampoo either, so you don't notice its magic until you rinse it out.  But oh when you do... my hair immediately felt softer, smoother and I was on cloud 9!  I've been using it for a few months now and not only does it feel better, I don't have to get cuts as often, my ends feel thicker, and it is safe to say I am a happy customer.  Oh and in case you were wondering - this blog was not sponsored in any way - just sharing the love of a product.  

If you have any questions for me, suggestions on new products or anything you want to see a review of - leave a comment below!  Cheers to great hair :)