Styling 101 - T-shirt x 3

T-shirts are a staple in my closet, I love graphic tees and all the ways you can wear them.  This post is all about 1 tee, 3 ways!  I snagged this at a recent anthropology sale and here is a whole page of similar ones for your inspiration. 


Look # 1 - Dressed Up

Added embellished jeans, metallic flats and a satiny robe jacket for a more sophisticated, going out look!


Look # 2 - Trendy AF

Incorporated a velvet midi skirt and my favorite combat boots (click links to shop!)


Look #3 - Chill

This leather jacket is the coolest thing in my closet right now so obviously I had to feature it again!  I always love wearing black jeans and you can't go wrong with a grey zip up hoodie under a moto jacket - always a great look.

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