Winter Blues --> Tropical Travel

Less than 30 degrees for more than 30 days... this is a recipe for VACATION

Jared and I are planning for our trip to Hawaii next month and I'm going to bring you all along for the ride. First topic - long plane rides/days at the beach!

Download this on your Podcast App, or if you'd prefer to read it  check it out  here!

Download this on your Podcast App, or if you'd prefer to read it check it out here!

  • Podcast: Dirty John
    • This ones for all my Serial and S-Town lovers.  (PS if you don't know about either of those, start with them first!).  I just discovered Dirty John the other week when I was cleaning and the podcast was so good I blew through the entire series in a day while getting stuff done! It's a true story of a 60 something Mother of 3, looking for love and falling fast for a man she met on the internet.  Family drama, lies and deceit, money, and a history of cat fishing with a crazy end - this one will keep you hooked!


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  • Book: Before I Go to Sleep
    • If you've got a long flight and want to take a nap, don't start this one!  I started it right before we went to Australia which was my longest flight ever (17 hours!) and could NOT stop - it's a fairly quick read but such a page turner!  Quick snapshot - a woman lived a fairly normal life until a car accident caused her to forget every single day at the end of each day.  She begins to leave herself notes and soon questions everything.  Don't worry, it's nothing like 50 First Dates, which might be my least favorite movie of all time.
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  • Binge Watch: Below Deck, Season 5
    • I don't know why I love the show but the combination of the crew member drama, and all the crazy people who charter their yachts make this show totally bingeable.  Yep I just made up that word.  If you follow my social media you'll know I have been pretty sick, and this weekend I committed to staying home, sleeping, eating healthy and taking a ton of vitamins... and ended up watching the entire season.  Whoops.  Anyways it was good and some great mindless TV for a flight :)  I watched it all on the Bravo App - linked here!
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