Quinn is 1 Month Old!!



The past 4 weeks have been…








…but the best 4 weeks ever! I can’t believe that I’ve had this little guy for 4 weeks! As I write this, we are 30 minutes out from his debut to make it exactly 1 month haha! I am currently pumping, eating, writing this, drinking coffee, and trying to organize my life, all during his morning nap - which I try to make my most productive time. You really learn the meaning of the phrase multi-tasking with a newborn! Especially because when he is awake, you can’t do it. HA. He controls every aspect of our lives, which is new and crazy but like I said before, its amazing. (I also wonder - HOW did moms do this before smart phones?!) (Also Also - you should see my google search history since his birth, its hilarious).


Our Man!! Quinn was born just before 1pm on October 30th, 2018 - his Dad’s 30th birthday! Since I was induced, we knew he would come that day, but it didn’t prepare us at all for what was next. I wanted to share a little of that day but still keep some of it to myself, so I will leave out some details. We got to the Hospital around 3:30am and I was induced at 5:30, it takes a while to check in, get in the room, get the medicine going, etc. The actual worst part of the day for me was getting the IV put in, because they couldn’t find a good vein and had to try 4 times blew out a couple veins, and it hurt a lot. I did also have to have my water broken by the doctor which hurt, but then contractions started and things started moving! Getting the epidural wasn’t bad at all, and then it was a waiting game…eventually after a few hours with the epidural (thank GOODNESS for that!) we had our little precious baby!! I would never have thought that the laboring process would be so peaceful, but with the amazing doctors at Prentice, and (mostly thanks to) the epidural, pushing wasn’t that bad! We were all amazed at how fast Quinn came out and Jared and I were immediately enamored. After they cleaned him up and did a quick health check, we went right into “skin to skin” and his first feeding. Its so nuts how babies just know what to do. Jared and I were so amazed and so happy, I barely noticed the clean up happening all around us, we couldn’t take our eyes off little Q! He cried a little, but mostly just slept for the first 24 hours. After the epidural started to wear off we moved up to the maternity floor at Prentice and eventually family came to meet him. The nurses there were amazing and the first night was one of the easiest because he slept so much. After that… not the same story haha. But we are so so lucky to have what we consider a fairly “easy” baby. Quinn is mostly relaxed, unless he needs to eat or be changed, etc. He is very alert, always looking around and listening to people, and loves to be rocked and sang to. Too bad his mom has the worst voice of all time. He is also SO hairy!! I knew he would have dark hair, with Jared’s side of the family all having dark hair and Jared’s being black, but I didn’t expect so much of it, and its all over his body - he’s like a cute little teeny monkey man hahah.

Being home on Maternity Leave is also pretty strange, and I never have spent so much time in my living room on the couch, but it is such a great feeling to know that I am taking care of this little life. The first 2 weeks were very trying emotionally and physically, and I feel like I am starting to become myself again. For instance, I thought I would want a glass of red wine right away, and that didn’t happen for weeks. Its so true how instantly your priorities change and the hormones and emotions run wild. I cried at the drop of a dime, and I still cry a ton, but things are starting to come together. I have asked so many crazy questions and been so worried and confused and questioned myself, and I know this won’t stop any time soon, but we’re really lucky that both sets of parents and almost all of our siblings were able to be here for his first week and help out. When Quinn was waking up every hour or 2 during the night, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Living life in a constant state of exhaustion is enough to drive anyone mad. Thankfully Jared was home the first week and we could change him together and keep eachother awake and encouraged. For Moms and Dads out there with babies that don’t sleep well, I just hope it gets better for you soon!

About a week ago, Quinn started waking up only twice a night, and the past 2 nights it was just once! Our routine at night is a little something like this: around 8:30pm we are upstairs, and give him either a full bath, or at least wash his hands, feet, face and neck (he spits up so much that I am constantly cleaning his neck folds like a little pug dog haha). Then we put a fresh diaper and PJs on, and feed him. We then swaddle him and sing a lullabye. This all takes about an hour and then we rock and “shh” him until he goes to sleep, around 9:30 - 10:30. We use this “shusher” that my friend Jill got for us, and it is life changing. All that combined eventually does the trick most nights.

The different swaddles we have used are these (which we used nightly for the first 3 weeks but are now a little small), this one that is super cozy and this one (which I have only used once). I also just ordered this one - so we will see how it works! Just trying to find what is most comforting for him and easiest for us to put on him. Now he is waking around 2:30am and I feed, change and swaddle him again for about an hour, and then he is up around 6 or 6:30 am. After that its feed, change, nap repeat for the whole day pretty much! Evenings are his most alert, so from 4-8 is when we feed a lot, do some tummy time, hang out with Dad after work, and try our best to eat dinner one handed without spilling crumbs on Q’s head.

Its very exciting to see the little changes and growths every day as he gets older, and snuggling with him every day is the greatest joy in my life. I can’t believe I only have 8 more weeks of one on one time with him for Maternity Leave. We are starting to set up Nanny interviews and I can’t imagine being gone all day - a lot more changes to come!

Until then I just thank God and remember, we are so so blessed, and thankful for our healthy, loving and adorable baby Quinn.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any parenting tips or tricks!!