Life Update

Hey Team,  

This may be my least "fun" or interesting post ever but I strive to be authentic so it's one that I want to write about, if not for you, then for me at the very least!  I've had a bit of a rough go these past few months in getting or staying motivated to work on scene + styled.  As most of you saw on Instagram, we had extensive damage done to our home in February, and had to move out for a few months.  Since then, we've lived in a hotel in Chicago, my sister's house in Lincoln Park, 2 different Air BnBs, plus the hotels I normally stay at during the week in Boston, NJ, Dallas, etc - wherever else I have travelled since then - I can't even remember!  Trust me, I am well aware that it could be much worse, and its just a few weeks being relocated.  There are many people out there much worse off than us and I am so so thankful for all the things we do have.  But this lack of routine has just made it tough to focus on myself, working out, being organized, work, s+s, and the rest of life, so I have been letting things slide.  

For anyone interested, here's the update on the house: we had a bunch of snow and some pretty cold days in Chicago that caused a snow build up on our roof.  (its a flat rooftop).  When the snow started melting, and the drain pipe was frozen, the snow/water took the path of least resistance - which was to leak into our home!!  (And before you ask, yes it was new!).  So anyways, my husband woke up at 2am a few weeks ago to the sound of running water (we are so lucky he was not traveling that week).  Picture this - 2am and he is running around placing bowls under corners of our bedroom as water started to pour out through newly formed cracks lol.  He called as many emergency home restoration companies as possible and by 9am had a company there, but the damage was done.  Water leaked all the way through 3 floors, in walls, ceilings, under the floor, through light fixtures, etc.  So that all had to be torn down and replaced.... and that gets to to where we are now - in an Air BnB downtown!  Like I said, it could be so much worse and we are trying to find the humor in all this.

I feel like while I have been "letting off the gas" on this blog, it's been easy to just compare myself over and over to others in this industry, and wonder why "more people like their content" or "why their pictures look so much better than mine", "why their blog is growing and mine is not" or any number of other negative comparisons that I know are only hurting my creativity in the end.  

So while we get closer to getting back into our home and back into our normal routine, I am making an effort to start working on some more posts for you and would love to take some time to reflect on what my readers like and do not like to read about or see.  All I'm asking is for honest feedback on what you like to see, want to hear about, and if you hate it all - you can let me know that too :)  Do you like to read about travel, shopping, trends, home decor, food, or anything else?!  Leave a comment or email me at and know that I will read them all and take your fb to heart!

Looking forward to your honest feedback and providing honest content now and always!  Thanks.