The First Trimester Diaries


So if you follow my Instagram you will have known for a little while now that Jared and I are expecting a baby boy in October!  

We are overjoyed and overwhelmed and all of the above but most of all we feel so lucky to have been blessed with this gift.  Since for so long our pregnancy was private and only Jared and my sister knew about the baby, I started keeping a bit of a diary, or a private blog as we could call it, in those early days.  I thought this might be fun to share with you all - for any going through it or been through it or just wanting to know what it is like!

Finding Out.

People always ask me how "I told Jared", but the truth is, he was there right when I found out, there was no secret planning a surprise for him or anything!  Maybe next time, haha!  

In the midst of the 1st Trimester.

I was so lucky to not experience morning sickness like so many women do - THANK YOU to whomever was responsible for that!!  The worst part about my first 12ish weeks was just the extreme exhaustion and aversion to most healthy foods.  I have never been so tired in my life, and for some reason I could only stomach starchy foods like bread or potatoes.  For a while I was on a french fries and toast diet - honestly being tired and sick feeling was a little like being hungover - all the time.  Here's a post from those days:


For the first time in the past 3-4 weeks I don't feel sick or completely exhausted and it's already 8am! HA. Still going strong though is this superpower sense of smell. WHY does everything have so many smells!? I know all my other pregnant women can relate but MAN this world is stinky. 

I'm still constantly craving carbs but I think I've figured out away to get those veggies in - juices all day every day. What happened to my love for salad? Seriously I used to crave salads. I hope this isn't an indication that our baby will only like bagels and cream cheese."

The other thing that happened was that I basically lost the motivation to do anything - if you didn't notice, I didn't write much on this blog, I didn't post a ton of new pictures, I swear I didn't work out for TEN WEEKS, all while we were also not in our home because of the snow damage.  I'm pretty sure all I did was suffer through the work days (because I was so short tempered - more than normal, haha - and tired!), and then came home and binged netflix or more likely, just went to bed at 6:30 or 7pm and slept through to the next day.  BOY, am I happy to be out of those days for now!


OK so I’m not ONLY carb obsessed now.. I’ve managed to eat some salads and when I can’t stand the thought of those I just chug green juices. I’m sorry baby- but you are making my taste buds crazy! What’s even CRAZIER!? I ate meat last week!!!! Twice!!!! Chicken pad Thai and then... get ready for it - a beef chalupa from Taco Bell. Hahahha who am I!? Also had 2 egg sandwiches, and a month ago I couldn’t even think about eating meat or an egg. This is just weird. 

I’m still exhausted all the time and annoyed of everyone so I’ll just say it now - please forgive me if I’ve been short tempered with you over the past 9 weeks... I’ll blame it on the hormones. I also don’t think I told you guys yet, but we had our first ultrasound on the 20th! They showed us the heartbeat and whoa. That’s when it became real for sure. Jared and I are so amazed and feel so lucky and blessed to have our little baby!!!! According to my app, it is as big as a cherry this week. The doctor said it was bigger than expected, so they moved the due date up to Oct 28th, making this my 9th week of pregnancy. It’s crazy because Jared’s birthday is 10/30 so it looks like we will have double the celebrations for his 30th "

Nothing has changed at work yet so I am still traveling a ton and have been throughout this pregnancy, and a ton of my diary posts were while I was sitting on the plane, waiting to take off or land or something.  Like this gem:


Omg why does everyone smell so bad"

Lol.  So on we went until probably around the beginning of May, and I started to feel myself level out.  I started craving coffee again like the old days, I was OK with eating vegetables and fruit, and finally started to work out again.  Now I feel great and I am so happy to be in my 2nd Trimester, and be able to share this with my family and friends and anyone reading this post!  Now my biggest problem is having to pee every 5 minutes - but hey, I will take it! We're just so happy that we going to meet the little man in a few months and excited for what is to come.  

Of course, I will keep you posted until then!