The 2nd Trimester Diaries + Fav Pregnancy Purchases

Here we go again guy, a peek into my Apple Notes "diary"...28 Weeks and counting!

We just got back from our trip to Hawaii (not a Baby Moon), which was probably our last "vacation" without kids - ever!  So this timed perfectly with the start of my 3rd Trimester.  I feel like I've learned a lot and obviously a lot has changed, so today I'm sharing a few excerpts from the life of a preggo, and my favorite purchases so far to get me through the pregnancy in style and comfort.


Since so much of pregnancy is new and unknown, its impossible not to compare yourself to others or to articles that you read, what you hear from your doctor, etc, and me not feeling the baby kick was a huge cause of anxiety for me at the time I wrote this post:


I was so worried and sad that everyone starts feeling there baby kick at 18/19 weeks or whatever and then BAM. I am sitting on a plane eating a cheese plate (normal for me not just during pregnancy) and I'm like oh no a storm is brewing and I'm stuck on a plane and can't use that little airplane bathroom until I realized - ITS the kicks!!!! It seriously felt like a few gas bubbles and I just had a suspicion. I was so happy but bummed that I wasn't with Jared the first time, but YAY.


Ok it's happening! For sure kicks. I literally took a video today. Hahaha. This sounds so lame but I am seriously so excited and feel like I'm in a different place somehow - like I feel more pregnant. That's probably confusing and sounds dumb but it makes me feel so much more connected to my baby. I love it.

It's also been crazy to watch my body change and grow..


OK, my belly button is transforming. As we speak. Aka as I type. I swear I am halfway between an innie and an outie and this literally just happened like now. This minute. Haha I can't get over it! (Clearly) but the little man is on a mission to grow and I love it! Keep on keeping on little guy

But I have been lucky and have been feeling great overall.  Of course, nothing fits anymore and I am very very hungry all the time... oh and I ingest like 10-20 Tums per day, but other than that the 2nd Trimester has been great and such a blessing.  I feel so excited.


I just realized this is my last week in the 2nd Trimester! It feels like it's been a while but the 3rd T seems way more real and it's starting to set in that our lives are about to change - BIG TIME. We still don't have a name, but we are working on it! Every week we try out different options and refer to the baby as that name, which may sound silly but it has helped us so far! I've realized lately how many more decisions we'll be making moving forward. From little things like which monitor to buy, and which tests to opt into during the pregnancy, to bigger things like - what classes well take to prepare for baby, what pediatrician well see and our "birth plan", and then the really big ones - vaccinations, writing a will, not to mention how to parent and raise this child. It's all so new and different and challenging - but exciting of course as well.

So here's a few pictures and links to my favorite products and clothes so far - click the picture to shop!!

1. Anti Stretch-Mark Treatment: CYA Later Stretch Marks!! I used Cocoa Butter in the beginning of my pregnancy but I didnt like the smell, and my skin had a weird reaction to it. Anyways, this stuff is great and way easier to apply.

2. Leggings: Its actually very hard to find good leggings for Maternity. You think anything high-waisted will be stretchy enough but that’s just no the case. And these are the best mix of comfortable and cute. My sister got them for me and I am LIVING in them.

3. Best Casual Dress: Rosie Pope "Popover Dress" - I have it in striped but have linked some cute different colors.  This dress is SO comfy, and its super cute for when the bump is kindof little and you want to start to show it off, but lasts even when there is nothing that you need to do to show it!  Plus, the top flips up for easy access when you start nursing, and the fabric is great quality.

4. Best Work Dress:  This Norma Kamali shirred dress was recommended to me by a friend thats currently pregnant, and another that recently had a baby - so it works both during and after maternity!  It is sooo comfy and flattering with a ton of stretch, but it still looks dressy.  PLUS I found it on Amazon for about half of what it retails on other sites for, so make sure to follow that link if you want it!  I ordered a SM for sizing reference.

5. Nausea & Morning Sickness Treatment: I was very lucky to not have regular morning sickness, but when I wasn't feeling my best, these little guys were awesome!  They are sour and yummy and just do the trick.

6. Casual bottoms: Loft has a ton of great maternity options, but these pants are one of my favorites for a few reasons.  One, the elastic waistband is so comfy, I could wear them all the time!  No need to feel like you need to loosen a button after a big meal, HA.  Two, they are trendy!  The fit is great and camo is always in style in my opinion, but its a little more unique than just a pair of jeans so I love to be able to retain some of my original style.  Three, they are SUPER affordable.  These ones are currently priced just under $70, with an additional 60% off at check out so you dont have to worry that they are only a "temporary" style.  

Let me know if you have any other favorite items that you used during your pregnancy!!

Hope you enjoy!  XX,