What I'm Packing in my Hospital Bag

Preparing for Baby takes a lot…(but if we’re being honest it’s all I think these days, so it’s fun for me).

since the due date is so close, we are prepped and ready to go, and here’s what i am bringing in the ol’ Hospital Bag!

For Baby

I’m really not sure if I packed everything I need, but knowing me I packed way more than necessary haha… a few of my favorites are the SwaddleMe Swaddles (because everyone says that swaddling on your own is impossible), and the Monica & Andy Bodysuit and Pant, I’m hoping that outfit fits for our son’s first trip HOME :) You never really know exactly how big your baby is going to be and by the time I washed and dried all of the baby clothes, I am starting to think that if our baby is not very small, he may grow out of these outfits in a week! LOL but I guess thats how parenting is - a guessing game. Our hospital has formula and bottles etc, so we don’t need to pack that but I am also bringing diapers, wipes, and my baby bag just in case.

Also have to bring a bunch of hats and little newborn mittens so he stays nice and warm, especially on the trip home. You never know what the temperature in Chicago will be, especially in the fall months when one day its 85, and the next its in the 50’s. I will of course also be bringing my camera to get lots of good pics of the little man! I just found out that there’s a photographer that comes around to the rooms… but I’m thinking I’ll want to get our own photographer for newborn pics - any recommendations from my Chicago friends??

For Me

Other than toiletries, chargers and my iPad, everything else I’m bringing for myself to the hospital is all about functionality and coziness. So yes, we are bringing pillows & sleep masks! This sleep mask (linked if you click on the picture) is a god send. I actually checked Amazon, and I have bought it 8 times, hahah. A couple for me because I lost one or two, and then wanted one in my night stand, one in my travel bag, an extra, one for Jared, and then I got one for my sister when she had her baby too (I might be this company’s biggest customer haha), but the weighted pressure of the mask and material keep it cool but close to your face, and your eyes don’t get squished because its indented. Seriously, this mask is heaven, and you can wash it! PS I’m not getting paid to say this haha I’m just obsessed. I’m bringing one for myself and one for Jared…Baby should be good to sleep on his own :).

I’m also SO excited by the amazing Cosabella Maternity 3 piece (pictured and linked above) and 4 Piece Maternity Gift Set I am bringing! The 3 Piece Maternity set is complete with a nursing tank, drawstring pants, and the cutest robe that says “Let Me Sleep” on the back… and the 4 piece set includes PJs for me with a matching hat and mittens for Baby!! They’re both made of super soft pima cotton so they are easy to wash and functional. Its surprising how even stretchy waist pants don’t fit anymore, so I love that these are drawstring, and the tank tops fold down for nusrsing options. (Click the picture to shop the 3 piece, and the link above to shop the 4 piece!)

Along with that I am bringing a few nursing bras like the Gilligan & O’Malley crossover seamless bra, and the Cosabella Nursing bra - both are super comfy and also convenient! I also packed a candle, which I’m pretty sure the hospital won’t allow (but let’s see) and some essential oils - all in an effort to hopefully make the room seem more comfortable and homey when we are there. Our Prenatal Class teachers told us to make a playlist but we’re not sure if we’re allowed to bring a speaker - I would think there have to be some rules against that - so thats still a TBD.

Now we just wait…



Pictured is the 3-piece set by Cosabella!

Mama’s - let me know what you brought and couldn’t live without!