6 Months with Quinn

Of course this is over a month late… what else would you expect from a new mom?!

Since I last wrote a post about Quinn SO MUCH has changed!!

He is eating real food (pureed, but still!), he can sit up…and get this - this week he started to crawl!!! He is a man. on. the. move.

Thank goodness we got the baby gate up last week - just in time! We truly have so much fun watching this little guy explore the world and really take on his personality. He is seriously so funny and happy - this boy was born with a joy in his heart unlike anything I have ever seen, and I am so so thankful to be his mommy! Even now, when he has a stomach bug and is pooping ALL DAY and has the worst diaper rash ever… he is still constantly smiling, happy as a clam in his baking soda baths, and just a peach when we wake him up. Now its not all roses and butterflies, there is poop everywhere, his little skin is raw, and the past 3 days he just cant seem to remember how to sleep, but what I mean to say is that through it all, he keeps a smile on his face, and it is truly amazing to watch.

We’ve also noticed how happy he gets when he sees people he knows, or sees other babies. He loves to reach out and try to touch them, and smiles so big every time Jared and I get home. Its also so cute to see how much he loves spending time with his nanny - we are so blessed to have her in our family too.

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How cute is he on the swing?! Here are all of the things he loves right now:

  • swinging

  • baths

  • eating (especially out of pouches)

  • holding his own bottle

  • crawling

  • phoebe - he loves to follow her around and grab her fur, if only the feeling was returned, poor pheebs is terrified of him haha!

  • giving mom kisses (aka eating my chin)

  • playing with water

  • drinking straight from the fountain/shower head - this is the funniest thing to watch

  • bananas

  • chatting - no words yet but “dadada, lalala, ahhhh” are common sounds in our house!

Oh also - he still doesn’t have any teeth but we are in no rush for that!! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!