Best of Baby Product Awards

as voted on by… ME

Best Swaddle


Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle

Nested Bean Weighted Swaddle

Happiest Baby Sleepea Sack

SwaddleMe Swaddles

Winner: So this is a 2 part. Overall, I think the Happiest Baby ”Sleepea Sack” is the overall winner, for a lot of reasons, but the only reason I am going to also include the SwaddleMe is because of the Happiest Baby’s price. The Sleepea is the clear winner in terms of quality, ease of use, it is super easy to get Quinn in and out of, and I think he is most comfortable in it. It’s super soft and has mesh ventilation too! It has a little higher price point though (about $24), so for newborns, I recommend and would stick with the SwaddleMes, since we had to wash those often and I would want more than one in the rotation. (You can get 3 of them for $30). I also don’t see the 5 Second Swaddle holding up forever, the velcro is already starting to wear a little bit from washes.

The Halo Sleep Sack is a classic favorite as well, and I especially love the fleece one for cold days! My son is able to get his arms out a little easier in this swaddle compared to the Sleepea, but I still use it in the rotation!

Best Places to Let Your Baby Chill (Not Sleep)


Play Gym

Baby Piano

Baby Bjorn

My Little Lamb Chair (Sit Me Up Seat)

Boppy Baby Lounger

Winner: This is hard because as Quinn grows my opinion changes. The Baby Piano and Play Gym were by far the best places to keep him when he was around 2 months - 3 months, where he just wanted to look up and bat at the toys. As he grows though, he likes to watch us as we do things, so the Baby Bjorn, Little Lamb Chair and Boppy Lounger have come in handy. But if I HAD to pick one winter, I would say the Baby Bjorn, because it works for a wide range of ages, has a little bar for toys, and feels super safe and secure for a Baby to hang out in, whether you are cooking, pumping, or just want a break from tummy time!

best nursing/pumping bra


Cosabella Nursing & Pumping Bra

Lanisoh Pumping Bustier

Ollie Gray “Anywhere Bra”

Winner: Cosabella Nursing & Pumping Bra. This one might not be as comfortable to sleep in, but for overall use - its leaps and bounds the best. It is a great “t-shirt bra” that can be worn under anything and even for going out, it has clips to fold down for nursing, and is super supportive with holes for pumping. Having a combo pumping & nursing bra is key, especially if you are going to work and have to pump from there, plus its super discreet with its lace details, you wouldn’t even know its for nursing! If you are not pumping and just looking for nursing options, Medela makes some great bras and tanks!

Best Book for parents


On Becoming Babywise

What to Expect The First Year

Moms on Call

Happiest Baby on The Block

Winner: Cant decide - still working on it, but I think Babywise and Happiest Baby on the Block were the bets to prepare us for the unknown of having a baby, but the Moms on Call schedule really helped get us into a routine. More to come in a separate post about the different sleep trainings and books I’ve read!

I’ll keep updating this page as i have more and more products to review so check back soon if you are in the market :) :)