New Vitamins!

It is so hard to manage work, working out, eating healthy, alone time, time with Quinn, and just over all balance. So I take it one step at a time… and I just realized that vitamins are one of the original life hacks. They’re a way for your body to get essential nutrients, minerals and (duh) vitamins, that you didn’t otherwise intake, and to balance out what you need. I started keeping Vitamin B in my car, and instead of going to get that 2nd cup of coffee around 2 or 3pm (which is when I feel my usual lag), I take 2 vitamin Bs, and seriously feel that energy - I love it!

I recently got to try a new brand of vitamins called Hello Bello (a company by Dax Sheppard and Kristin Bell so - automatically cool in my book!), and their vitamins are great because they have no artificial colors or flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, and are free of common allergens. Plus I really like that they are not coated in sugar, like other gummy vitamins I’ve tried. So far, my favorite flavor is the Immunity Gummy :) Whats not to like when you’re getting essential nutrients, and it feels like you’re eating candy?! Even Quinn wanted a taste… not yet Buddy Boy!

If you want to try these, Hello Bello is giving my followers 15% off with the code: FAME15

Thanks to Hello Bello for this #gifted post! #HelloBello #GoodbyeBadStuff