Lay(er) It On Me

Hey Scene Team,

Wanted to write a quick post to shout out some of my favorite jewelers since I get asked about them a lot!


My all time favorite and every day staple necklace is this one from my ultimate favorite designer - Logan Hollowell. I heard of them through one of Jared’s family friends who went to school with Logan, and ever since then I have been hooked! I also have the mini sun necklace, this pinky/midy ring and these earrings. You can customize the You Are My Sunshine necklace, and the Moon and Back one is an alternate option with a similar look - gotta be honest, I have my eyes on that one too!  

My choker is such a surprising piece. Usually when I buy fine jewelry I’ve had my eyes on it forever and wait for a special occasion, but this one just caught my eye when Jared and I were killing time waiting for a dinner reservation in Kauai this past summer. I also think it’s really special to buy jewelry as a memento of a trip, and even though there are Na’Hoku shops in the states, it still reminds me of Hawaii! It’s also so cool because the chain has a ball that slides to adjust the chain up to 4 additional inches! The diamonds are stunning but it’s dainty enough to wear every day.  

Lastly is this disc I designed and had custom made by the jeweler who made my sisters wedding ring (Long & Co Jewelers in Barrington, IL). It was fun to look at different designs and get inspired, but ideally I wanted something that I could wear with the above 2 necklaces, or as a stand-alone. I knew I wanted an interesting chain and it had to be yellow gold. We experimented with a glossy finish, a ball chain, and a full diamond pave pendant, but landed on this brushed gold, bevel set diamond and I am in love! I had them put a ring on so it adjusts between 16 and 18 inches, depending on what I’m wearing! Most people probably think that designing a custom piece is really hard and super expensive but surprisingly it isnt! This was probably mostly due to the fact that the Sales Rep I worked with (Debbie) was amazing and worked so hard to get exactly what I want. I would highly recommend them, they also repaired and customized a bunch of other jewelry for me, and they have their own pieces that are awesome too.  

Anyone else have favorite jewelry suggestions?! Share them below.