Never Wear Grey While Breastfeeding

…and other things I’ve learned in my (almost) 2 months of motherhood


So if you read my last post, you know that Quinn is now getting close to 2 months old.  During this time I have learned so so much about motherhood, my body, babies, and yet - I still feel like I know nothing.  But here is what I do know so far…

  • Breast feeding is hard.  And it takes a lot out of you, physically and emotionally, (and literally).  I have also learned that no matter how often I shower - which isn’t as often as I would like - I will always be covered in breastmilk.  Hence the title of this post.  As a new mom, you don’t wear grey, or silk, or anything else that shows moisture because (do I have to explain?)  But if you can’t breastfeed, thats also OK, and feeding with formula is nothing to be ashamed of.  As long as the baby is fed and healthy you are doing the right thing! We haven’t tried formula yet because luckily my supply has been enough for Quinn but we’ve got it stocked up for when the day comes that we need it.

  • Babies pee and poop a lot.  OK like obviously, I knew this.  But it still amazes me how often I change Quinn when all he eats is milk!  How does this happen?!?  And why does it happen WHILE we are changing him, or right after we change him?!  Classic.  Oh, and I am covered in this all the time too.

  • Washing Machines are AMAZING.  (This sort of goes with the above point!) I never thought we could do so much laundry, but thank goodness we have a machine in the house.  Some days, we go through more than 5 outfits a day (or an hour), because of spit up, diaper blow outs, etc.  And since Quinn sleeps in our room, our bed and sheets have been the victim of one too many of those blow outs or spit ups, so luckily we can wash those right away too. NOTE: since beginning this post a few weeks ago, we have since bought a waterproof mattress cover haha, one too many spit ups and pee accidents on the bed.

  • Over-the-head shirts/onesies are the WORST.  Why do they even make these?  No baby wants to squeeze through a shirt, and the manufacturers of these items are cruel.  Wrap front and zip up are the only way to go.  Monica & Andy, Carters and Gap make great options like this, and I’ve heard that H&M does too.

  • You still need Maternity Clothes after baby.  They do call it the “4th Trimester”, and I was way too quick to try to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans.  I lost 20 lbs in about 3 weeks after baby but guess what - when you gain 40 over the course of your pregnancy, that extra 20 still makes a big difference.  I keep getting disappointed when I go to try them on and they still don’t fit, and I need to learn that patience is necessary, and like healing - losing weight takes time.  More on this in a future post!

    • In the meantime I have loved wearing:

      • Tunics like this, and oversized sweaters to stay comfy.

      • Maternity Leggings - Storq brand is the best!

  • Its important to lean on others. There are so many amazing Moms out there and I am so thankful for friends and family who have reached out, sent flowers, dropped off food, or just texted to see how we were doing. Even through this platform, I have heard from other Moms and it is so awesome to support each other and have someone to bounce ideas/questions off of. But if you need more of a network, theres an app called “Peanut”, to connect you with other Moms in your area that have kids around the same age. How cool is that?!

  • When traveling with a baby - be prepared to be over prepared. Also be prepared to be so stressed out the entire week(s) leading up to whatever trip, and to probably cry in the car/plane/airport/wherever. It's absolutely hilarious how much I've packed for our 2 trips with Quinn so far. But you just never know, right?!!

    • PS - this is our diaper bag, I love it so if you are in the market, check out Happ Brand!

    • This carrier is also awesome for walking around/in the airport. (I also use it at home when Quinn wants to be held but I need to get stuff done!)

  • Soak it up. Its so easy to get lost in the “I’m exhausted/need to get stuff done/haven’t slept in a week/where’s my phone/did I eat today” and forget how absolutely precious each moment is. One of my favorite parts of each day is just staring into Quinn’s little eyes or just staring at him while he’s sleeping, smelling his delicious baby smell, and thinking about how lucky Jared and I are to have him!

  • And finally, take care of yourself! So many people say it but I will say it again so that you all remember - you can only take care of your baby if you are taken care of, meaning - sleep when you can, allow family to help so you can go for a walk and clear your head, don’t forget to eat & drink TONS of water (especially if breast feeding), take a bath every now and then while Dad watches the little one, and try to relax.

    • Some of my favorite things for “self care”


      • Green juices & nut milk protein shakes - need to eat & drink enough to keep that energy up.

      • St Tropez facial mist. Trust me - you’re never going to wear makeup, heck I’m lucky if I even wash my face morning AND night. But if I do remember to spray on a little of this great smelling mist, I wake up looking a little less pale and feeling a little better about myself. Sometimes thats all it takes to put a pep in your step and boost confidence when your body is not feeling normal.

      • Silk pillowcase - I got this as a gift from my sister & brother in law last year and I LOVE it, it feels so nice to sleep on, especially when you’re getting just a few precious hours. Its also on sale now here!


Leave your tips for new moms and dads below!