OMG. Does every parent feel this way?? (Yes, I’m sure they do). .. but WHERE DID THE TIME GO!? How is this baby boy crawling so fast, standing up, almost walking, drinking water out of sippy cups, waving, eating finger foods (loves cheese just like his mama), trying so hard to talk, and just being such a KID?!!?! Someone explain this. The fact that they can learn all of these things and the basis of their life in these short 9 months is just insane. What did I do in 9 months for personal development? Lose, and gain weight? Learn to run on 0 hours of sleep? Become a stroller folder extraordinaire? Learn how to peel and cut grapes into the teeniest pieces? Who knows, and who cares - because the cutest and most precious being IN THE WORLD is sleeping just 2 rooms over from me and I am in love.

This guy never ceases to amaze me with how truly happy he is all. the. time. And I’ve realized one of the most amazing things about children - they see beauty, joy, humor and amazement in the littlest things. All I have to do (literally) is bend over to pick something up off the group and it is the funniest thing in the world to Quinn. I mean, how can you not have a good day with a kid like that?

Our little guy has more energy than I would’ve ever imagined - he is always turning around and lifting stuff up and climbing all over the place and trying to walk and putting things in his mouth and oh yeah - he wakes up at 5:30 or 6 am but hey - if thats the way its going to be, at least we will be the first at the playground :) I’ve been saving all of Quinn’s schedules for you too - once he is 1 I am going to share my “First Year Schedule” of his nap & eating schedule, that we follow pretty closely (and I have realized I am pretty psycho about). But hey - it works for us.

We also went on our first “Family Vacation” to Tampa, because my best friend’s parents have a place there and generously offered it to us for the long weekend. It was great to be in the sun and take Quinn in the water, he really loves it and is pretty fearless! But we learned a lot about traveling with a baby, like how to install (or not) rented car seats… how folding rented cribs work… that you shouldnt go to FL during hurricane season… and we also spent 24 hours in the ER and hospital because Quinn came down with Bronchilitis - it was a TRIP. But we are thankful that all ended up OK. Q is still recovering from being sick but he was a trooper. He also said his first word that Sunday (technically he was already 10 months old) but he said “uh oh”! and he hasnt stopped saying it since.

Now next up - walking, and his 1st birthday. If anyone knows how to slow down time, please go ahead and comment below!

Thanks for sharing in our journey - here are some of my favorite recent pictures :)

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